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The 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report

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  • The report guides club operators how to better understand consumer behavior as well as leverage demographic trends in efforts to stand out from the competition. The 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report is organized into the following chapters:

    Chapter 1. U.S. Health/Fitness Club Trends: An analysis of total membership and consumer growth trends;

    Chapter 2. Membership Behavior & Industry Models: Insights on industry segmentation in response to trends in member behavior;

    Chapter 3. Member Demographics and Implications for the Industry: An exploration of gender, household income, age, educational, and ethnicity, as well as how demographics are influencing the health club industry;

    Chapter 4. Member Attendance & Tenure: Insights on membership tenure and attendance;

    Chapter 5. Member Activity Behavior: An examination of consumer utilization of equipment and participation in group-based training formats;

    Chapter 6. The Price-Value Paradox: An analysis of fees paid overall and per club segment;

    Chapter 7. Personal & Small Group Training: An overview of private and small group training clients;

    Chapter 8. Overarching Insights & Recommendations: Applications for clubs and suppliers gleaned from consumer findings;

    Appendix - 10 Key Findings & Infographic Insights: One-page summary of key data points and infographic highlights of the report.

    The 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report is based on the analysis of 30,099 online interviews that were carried out with a nationwide sample of individuals and households in early 2018.