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Leveraging Social Responsibility to Grow Your Health Club

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  • Presented by Paul Crane, Owner and Operator, ECO GYM UK

    In the information age, simply existing and offering a great experience is no longer enough. Your club’s members are increasingly looking for ways to support brands that align with their personal belief system.

    Green and sustainable business models are experiencing rapid growth in every sector—including the fitness industry.

    Perhaps no one knows this better than Paul Crane, owner of ECO GYM UK, a growing health club franchise that differentiated itself from the competition by harnessing the power of social responsibility. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Crane’s fusion business revolutionized the way members think about getting fit while creating a loyal following in the community.

    Learning Objectives:

    • • Discover how to improve your ecological footprint by going green.
    • • Learn how to engage and educate members about sustainable practices.
    • • Find out how to forge partnerships with like-minded groups to establish positive changes in the community.

    Presenter Profile:

    Paul Crane is the owner of the ECO GYM franchise. Operating three locations and the franchise expansion since 2012, Crane has revolutionized the way people are thinking about the fitness industry. In 2017, his Lancing facility became one of the first gyms in the world to demonstrate sufficient energy offsets through member’s workouts and be awarded Green Circle Certification status.