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Success in Group Exercise

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  • Presented by Marisa Hoff, General Manager, Stevenson Fitness

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify the key factors to look for when hiring and interviewing potential instructors.
    • Explore the importance of the group exercise manager's role and the primary responsibilities of the position.
    • Gain insight into how to best design a studio or classroom.
    • Discover important elements for schedule design and balance.
    • Obtain tips on how to design systems that maximize the role of the instructor for increasing member engagement.

    Presenter Profile:

    Marisa Hoff has successfully managed Stevenson Fitness since its opening in 2010. Hoff has worked to build a membership of nearly 2000 members with an NPS consistently over 80, retention rates over 70 percent, high active user rates, and a booming group X program. Both the Group X and Personal Training departments have thrived under her leadership. Hoff has shared strategies for success at various fitness conferences.