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5 Key Drivers of SUCCESS

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  • Presented by Eddie Tock, President, REX Roundtables

    Clubs focus on marketing, sales, operations, customer service, programming, facilities, accounting, and human resources… as they should. Being a great club that is completely distinctive and growing requires more, and not more of the same. You need to fire up the 5 Key Drivers of Success.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop a culture that powers all you do, motivates your staff, and engages your members.
    • Utilize feedback to engage and retain members and redesign your operation.
    • Hire individuals that produce the raw materials for everything a great business does.
    • Understand and manage the key drivers that drive sales and revenue.
    • Manage your numbers to see what is working and what should be done differently.

    Presenter Profile

    Eddie Tock is a partner with REX Roundtables, a global organization that runs Executive Mastermind roundtables for business owners and chief executives. There are currently 14 REX groups in the US, 2 new REX groups starting by year end, as well as REX Roundtables in Italy Europe and Australia.

    Tock has spoken at the Annual IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show, Club Industry, and has been a faculty member for The IHRSA Institute. He has worked with over 1,400 clubs worldwide including 142 pre-sales since 1983. Over the past five years, Tock’s clients have averaged a 10-23% increase in sales. He was formerly a partner in Sales Makers for 21 years, which was awarded the IHRSA Associate Member of the Year Award.