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Building an Effective Weight Loss Program in Your Gym

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  • Over two-thirds of U.S. adults are obese. As a result of this sobering statistic, many club businesses are beginning to provide more opportunities to help members safely reach and maintain a healthy weight.

    This toolkit provides clubs with foundational knowledge that they can use to create an entry-level weight loss program. According to IHRSA data, weight loss is one of the top five reasons people join a health club. This works to a club’s advantage since offering a weight loss program is an excellent way to gain new members, retain current members, and encourage all individuals to pursue and achieve their wellness goals.

    This member-exclusive toolkit contains an instructional e-book, weekly education ideas document, and a weight loss tracking spreadsheet. These resources will give club owners some general information on simple ways that they can successfully build and implement a weight loss program for their members, while specifically focusing on how to:

    • Structure an effective weight loss program
    • Identify a specific target audience for the program
    • Decide who will manage the program
    • Choose a time and location for the program
    • Track metrics for success
    • Generate ideas for weekly educational themes