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Streamline Your Strategic Plan E-Book

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  • Few businesses have historically faced as many rapid ongoing market changes as the fitness industry, and it’s the clubs and gyms that have to weather them all. The 21st century has been ripe with fitness fads and trends that health clubs have had to absorb, such as functional fitness, wearables, and boutique studios including yoga, spin, and Pilates.

    These challenges aren’t easily baked into an evergreen five-year strategic plan for traditional small business. Health club owners, whether managing a stand-alone club or a group of facilities, have to contend with a wide set of variables out of their control, making a solid strategic plan for what you can control that much more valuable. With so many moving parts, winging it isn’t an option.

    This e-book will look at ways to build your strategic plan, drawing on the experience of successful health club owners who have started where you are and have gone on to create an established presence in this often volatile industry.