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Tips for Creating Authentic Content to Grow Your Gym’s Brand

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  • Presented by Hannah Stael von Holstein, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Discover Strength

    Just about everyone is creating content nowadays. So how can you rise above the rest to differentiate your fitness business online? In an increasingly impersonal world, the best way to connect with members and prospects is through authenticity.

    In this IHRSA 2020 preview webinar, Discover Strength’s Hannah Stael von Holstein will help you understand the power of your personal and business' story. Through case studies and best practices from IHRSA member clubs, you’ll discover how to leverage what makes your business unique.

    Next, Stael von Holstein will give you tips on how to communicate member stories, which can be great for improving retention. She’ll also explain the best digital channels you should use to tell your—and your members’—stories, from your website to social media.

    By the end of the webinar, you'll be ready to take it to the next level at Stael von Holstein’s IHRSA 2020 session, “Content is King: Create Meaningful Content to Drive Revenue.”