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Best Practices for Recruiting, Engaging & Retaining Gym Staff

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  • Presented by Tracy Stepp, Director of Human Possibilities, The Claremont Club

    One of the major staffing challenges all industries face is how to hire—and keep—excellent staff. In the fitness industry, many employees are part-time, or work at multiple locations. Health club operators must be strategic to overcome these staffing obstacles.

    Join The Claremont Club’s Tracy Stepp as she uncovers common struggles and solutions to engage your employees, encourage their loyalty, and create a great collaborative relationship to ease the pain of staff transitions.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn creative ways to recruit and keep staff
    • Identify onboarding weak spots and improve your processes
    • Discover affordable ways to incentivize staff to increase brand loyalty
    • Create new ways to engage your employees and create a place where they love to work