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The Fitness Business Leadership ‘Dress’ Code: Tools for Success

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  • Presented by Matt Wright, VP of Training & Programming, City Fitness

    Leadership is more than a title or status ranking—leadership is a choice. Gone are the days of the typical top-down approach leadership. We have transitioned into a world where empowering our teams and creating more leaders plays a more crucial role than ever.

    In order to lead our team to be the best, we must first invest in ourselves. Who do you want to be as a leader?

    By using different scenarios and characters, Matt Wright of City Fitness will help you determine your leadership style. Get equipped with the right tools to allow you to “dress” for success for both you and your teams. In this webinar, he will review the best ways to grow your skills as a leader, the five hats of leadership, and how to integrate both in your everyday life.