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How AI is Changing the Health & Fitness Industry [CLASS]

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  • Presented by Valerie Bures-Bönström, Former CEO, Mrs. Sport GmbH, and Co-Founder & CEO, Pixformance

    AI is like an iceberg with its massive set of capabilities and innovation hidden beneath its already surfaced abilities. This class does not require any specific knowledge on AI, machine learning, programming and mathematics. Instead, the class will help you understand the impact of AI in the fitness and health industry as well as teach you how to leverage AI in your current role. You will also become familiar with the common terminology used in AI, machine learning, and computing.

    [ ACE 0.1 | AFAA 1.0 | IFPA 1.0 | NASM 0.1 | NCSF 1.0 | NESTA 0.1 | NFPT 0.2 ]