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Promoting Brain Benefits to Motivate Your Members [WEBINAR]

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  • Mounting evidence shows that exercise improves mood, memory, and attention, yet most individuals struggle with exercise adherence. Fitness facilities can enhance member recruitment, engagement, and retention by leveraging the latest findings about how a single exercise session offers same-day benefits. This approach supports new and returning members by exposing them to the positive aspects of exercise, shifting the focus away from long-term disease risk reductions and instead highlighting the immediate benefits of exercise. This approach significantly aids exercise adherence as shown by published studies.

    What’s more, bringing awareness to this kind of information helps members reframe their exercise experience in ways that promote sharing their fitness journey with others, further supporting your recruitment strategy. This strategy of promoting how exercise improves your state of mind may be more important now than ever, because recent events have led to unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression. Join Karlie Intlekofer, Ph.D., global wellness researcher at Matrix Fitness and co-founder of Treo Wellness, to learn the latest findings on the acute mental health benefits of returning to the habit of exercise, as well as ideas for how to communicate these in ways that will support member success.