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Health Club Member Loyalty: New Rules for a Changed World [TOOLKIT]

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  • In the business world, few industries have been as affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as the health club industry. Club owners and other fitness professionals have done innovative and indefatigable work in responding to this once-in-a-century health emergency. Their experiences during the COVID-19 shutdown, and the experiences of club operators who have reopened in countries around the world, give us a path to reopening and rebuilding the health club industry.

    At the heart of it all is member loyalty. In this toolkit, we’ll dive into lessons learned that will help club operators create strategies and programs to keep their members engaged and in the fold. These incentives will also help clubs transition to a future when treatments and vaccines begin to reduce the crisis.

    Let’s look at some guiding principles in solidifying member loyalty in the new marketplace. This toolkit identifies what you need to focus on.