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Bringing Back Your Health Club Members After Shut Downs [WEBINAR]

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  • The pandemic shut down the majority of the health club industry for three or more months. Policy makers and media told the country "gyms aren't safe." Stay-at-home orders have created new routines for many that will be hard to break. To say we have a challenge ahead is an understatement.

    Yet, the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity.

    This webinar will take a strategic look at how to bring back two groups of former members:

    • Those we were serving when the pandemic hit who have not yet returned

    • The much larger group of former members who joined over the past 10 years and left for a variety of reasons. (The biggest of which being that we did not provide them what they really came for.)

    We will explore facility safety measures, programming and product delivery options, and communication strategies to speak to these audiences. This webinar will explore the opportunity we have to evolve our businesses to serve even more people than before the pandemic.