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Engaging Your Group Fitness Team In & Out of the Gym Webinar

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  • Presented by Barbara Mascialino, Group Fitness Director, Fitness & Wellness Professional Services

    Those working in group fitness know it’s not always a glamorous gig; according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 350,000 people in the United States call themselves a fitness instructor. Many of these instructors are hourly employees, teaching at multiple facilities. The IHRSA Health Club Employee Compensation and Benefits Report shows that hourly part-time staff has the highest company turnover. With all of these factors considered, it can be a challenge to keep this group of employees checked-in to your club’s mission.

    Your group fitness staff represents hundreds of group fitness classes weekly, gains feedback directly from club customers, pays fees for their continuing education and branded classes, and the list goes on! Working for a department considered a “cost center” can be tough—so how do you motivate your staff to break through this stigma and become a strong and engaged team?

    Join Barbara Mascialino to learn how to create the best environment to nurture passion, reduce burnout, encourage member connection, champion inter-departmental unity, and ignite a team to deliver the highest group fitness penetration percentages and support new member goals.