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Game-changing Member Retention Strategies for Gyms in 2021 [WEBINAR]

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  • The start of 2021 is certainly not a typical first quarter for gyms around the world as they recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be a renewed interest in attracting prospective members to join and convincing on-hold members to return to facilities in the months ahead.

    It is without question that mental wellness, physical fitness, and overall wellbeing has been compromised significantly among health club and fitness studio consumers. There is a tremendous window of opportunity to take huge strides in your business. An extraordinary shift in focus on goal-oriented retention strategies for new and returning members can be the game-changer.

    You can set the stage for growth far more efficiently with a strong acquisition strategy. By pre-framing the member journey, negotiating goals on the members’ terms, and making extraordinary effort to personalize touch points, you are putting together large pieces of the retention puzzle. In this webinar with Sheldon McBee, personal training director at Universal Athletic Club, you’ll learn about the opportunities you have with your members, the new member journey, and different ways to help your members set and maintain their goals.